Judging Books by the cover.

**Note: All links go to OCLC WorldCat Catalog entries so that you can locate a copy at your nearest library.

Movie tie-in version of The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

The Road (Movie Tie-in Edition 2009) (Vintage International)

Seen reading on the subway 02/09/2010:

One thing that strikes me is that this book cover is much less interesting than the original and the “Oprah Book Club” version (at least to me).   The stark tone of the prose was perfectly reflected by the original story.   While I haven’t yet seen the film, I’ve read enough reviews to know that there are more explanations that serve to remove some of the uncertainty about what has happened in the world to result in the apocalyptic setting presented in the text.   In a way, that is unfortunate as I thought that that uncertainty was a key device which made the story far more intense and frightening.

English Grammar for Students of French by Jacqueline Morton.

English grammar for students of French : the study guide for those learning French

Also seen reading on the subway 02/09/2010:

I was struck by the oddness of this book title and it seems to be exactly what you would imagine: a tool for understanding English grammar and its relation to French.  Not necessarily fun subway reading (then again, neither is The Road).

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